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Non-Fiction Freelance Writing: 10 Suggestions for Beginners

Getting started in freelance writing is never easy. For non-fiction writers, a certain set of tools and abilities is necessary. From reaching out to potential clients to building a portfolio, these tips will help newbies learn how to navigate the freelance marketplace.

  1. Building a Portfolio
  2. No client wants to risk their money on a beginner. The only way to make them feel more comfortable is to either gain experience or create a portfolio. With a good portfolio, the writer can demonstrate their writing prowess and the examples of their best work.

  3. Look at the Rates of Similar Authors
  4. When starting out, writers should post their rates on their website or profile. These rates can be set by looking at the fees charged by writers with a similar experience and industry background. Having rates displayed prominently will help the writer discourage shady clients who want to pay bottom-of-the-barrel prices.

  5. Network
  6. Networking online and offline is a great way to find new clients.

  7. Develop a Social Media Strategy
  8. Having a social media profile and a following of readers helps the writer in two ways. First, it helps the writer to build a readership for their own blog or website. The second way it helps is by getting readers to go to the articles that the writer creates for clients. By bringing in more readers, the writer adds product value for their client.

  9. Prepare a Website
  10. As a non-fiction writer, the main way to succeed is by creating a website and filling it with articles about a specific topic. Then, the writer can earn money through advertising revenue or through selling items on their site.

  11. Write a Book
  12. To seem like an expert in the field, writers should write a book about their niche specialty. Afterward, they can choose to have it self-published or have it published by a normal publishing house.

  13. Business Cards
  14. Writers never know when they will meet someone who needs a project done, so carrying around a few business cards is one way to network professionally.

  15. Learn From the Best
  16. There are plenty of website that cater to freelance writing. Newbies can visit these sites to learn from experienced writers in the industry and get advice about breaking into the market.

  17. Be Ready to Start Small
  18. Since hiring a new writer is a risk, clients will normally give new writers small projects to work on in the beginning. Newbies in the industry should be prepared to start small as they begin growing their business.

  19. Part-Time to Full-Time: Goal Setting
  20. In the beginning, it is normal to expect just part-time hours. Writers can set a goal of quitting their job after working as a writer for a set amount of time. As they progress in their career, writers should set other goals and objectives to stay focused.

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