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Growing Into A Successful Freelance Political Writer: Basic Tips

Politics is perhaps the most relevant area in today’s digital world. It is relevant to everything we do, including how we live, how much we earn and what our kids learn at school. This is what makes it an interesting topic to read about. Writing about politics while being a freelancer is another issue altogether. If you are planning to become a successful freelance political writer, you have come to the right place because we have some great tips for you.

  1. Hone your skills
  2. Before you start to rely on something as a job that will pay for your lifestyle, first you have to know how to do it. To be a political writer, you have to know a lot about politics. This can only be accomplished by devouring lots of magazines and newspapers. Interviews of political figures and discussions on political issues on television and on radio are also rich sources for gaining knowledge. There are innumerable news sites online that you can read. Subscribe to magazine, websites, and television and radio channels and soak up political information like a sponge.

    The basic advantage of the above approach is that you will improve your knowledge of your subject area. The added advantage is that you will be exposed to a huge variety of writing and commentating styles which will help you formulate your own individual style.

  3. Hone your style
  4. All your research, described above will help you choose your style. But simply researching is not enough, you have to actively think and decide about what style you will use. Are you good at political satire? Are you a more mainstream and serious political writer? Do you want to report facts or are you more interested in writing opinion pieces. Make a decision.

  5. Pitch your ideas
  6. If no one knows you exist, no one will hire you. Work on your pitch and create a great template that is customizable according to the publication you are applying to. Market yourself and pitch to lots of different people. Pitch your skills and also pitch story ideas.

  7. Write and never work for free
  8. No matter what happens, keep on writing. This will help you enhance your skills and improve your style. Never work for free. Value your skills and charge what your work is worth. It is okay to provide small samples of your work but never provide a whole project free of cost. Good luck!

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