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How To Find Jobs In Freelance Football Writing: Good Ideas For Freshmen

Freshmen sometimes find it a little difficult to find part time work to fit around their studies. You are also at an awkward age where you want to earn a few extra dollars each week but don’t want to have to flip burgers or wait tables. What if I told you that you could have the best of both worlds? That you could earn cash doing something that you love?

Football or soccer has taken off big style in America in recent years. If you are not already addicted to it, then I bet it still wouldn’t be too much of a hardship having to watch a few games in order to write about them, would it? So how do you find jobs in this field? Let me tell you how!

Contact some football clubs

Freshmen are the exact age that football clubs are hoping to attract. They want to be able to market their team to people just like you, so what better way than to have some blog posts written from a fresher’s point of view? You could try picking up the phone and calling a few, or if you are not comfortable doing that simply email them. Try and pick some local, or none league teams who are maybe more in need of the exposure and publicity than the bigger clubs.

Speak to your sports coach at school.

If you have a natural flair for writing and a love of sports, then it makes sense to combine the two. Speak to your sports coach and ask if they know of any football (soccer) writing opportunities. Even if they don’t, they might be able to give you some useful tips and pointers to help you get started.


The internet is a great way of finding work. There are several large and reputable sites that are constantly hiring. It is definitely worth giving them a try. However, if you are looking specifically for work within football writing, then there mightn’t be as many opportunities than if you were willing to try a more generic form of freelance writing.

Ask around

If you come from a family that eats, breathes and sleeps soccer, then chances are someone that you know will be able to give you a helping hand and open some doors for you. Bloggers are crying out for intelligent, creative kids that are passionate about their sport. You never know this could open so many doors to a brilliant career.

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