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How to Choose Freelance Writing Assignments: Tips for Writers

When you first start as a freelance writer, you can be a little intimidated by the vast majority of writing assignments that you can choose from. There is such a large need for these services that you can literally spend hours just bidding on projects that you may never get. You have to become good at spotting the assignments that work best for you. It is hard to tell you which ones these are but you can get an idea of what most people think. It may not be your choice but you won’t really know until you try one or two of them out.

There is definitely a style of essay that will work best for you. If you find that style, you can eliminate a majority of the posts because they won’t meet your criteria. You can stick to a style and it may make it easier to find the jobs. Here are some tips for writers on finding your jobs.


There are people who work better when they only have to write short essays. It ends up making the work faster. If you have ten 400 word essays, you will find it easier than one 4000 word essay. You may not charge more for them because they have the same word count but the fact that you have to write the larger one on one topic may change the price.


Don’t bid on a topic that you are going to have to research. This takes more time and that means more money for the client. They will easily just choose a lower bid because they will be getting the same or similar result for less. The client does not know how your product will turn out so they usually just have your profile and a figure to go by.


There are different styles of essays. Some are designed to be informational. Some are more conversational. There are others that are product reviews. Find your niche and stick to it. It will make your job a lot easier.

Once you know what type of paper you work best with it will be easier to find good jobs to submit your proposals too. Plus, you will know on average how long it will take so that you know what you should charge the client to write it.

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