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Basic Things To Remember About Freelance Creative Writing

A career in freelancing is a great way for young and up and coming creative writers to get a start while making a decent living. There are a number of places that will pay to publish original content, but there are a number of basic things one needs to remember before sending away unsolicited content.

Research the Publication

Creative writing is a highly specialized kind of profession that it requires a lot of research on your part to ensure that you are submitting the right pieces to the right publications. There are thousands of publications publishing creative works, but not all of them publish the same kind of work. Before sending in material you should take a look at a few archived issues of a publication to study the kind of work that is put in print.

Find Out About Submission Guidelines

Submission guidelines and requirements can vary greatly from one publication to another. Again, doing some research before sending in your material can improve your chances of having your work accepted. Find out if you need to pay a fee to submit work or if you need to have been previously published before being considered.

Write Effective Query Letters

A lot of young writers aren’t aware of the importance of composing a great query letter. So what’s all the fuss? These letters should accompany your work and express reasons why an editor should take the time to read it and consider it for publication. There are a number of techniques, but generally each letter should have a hook, demonstrate your ability to write and provide a clear and concise pitch of what your piece is all about.

Take Criticism Seriously

If you have the opportunity to have your creative writing reviewed but not published, you shouldn’t feel in the least bit discouraged. Look at any notes, feedback or suggestions accompanying your returned work. Remember that most publishers receive thousands of submissions each day, so any criticism they give to you is likely more than they offered to hundreds of other freelance writers.

Be Persistent Throughout

A lot of people will struggle to have their first pieces of creative writing published, so it’s important to keep this in mind and remain persistent throughout the entire process. Review feedback and revise your content. You can always resubmit to the same publication or send to a different publisher that might be a better fit.

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