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5 Basic Rules for a Freelance Writer Working from Home

If you are a freelance writer working from home, you have to learn how to treat it as an office. This sounds much easier than it really is. The more professional you treat your house, the more professional you work output will be. By treating your place as an office you can be more productive. You need to have set hours, keep the focus on the work, have an office if possible, stop the work when it is family time, and track your spending on home items for the business.

  1. Have Set Hours
  2. Get up and go to work even if you are at home. Make a set schedule that you adhere to and stick to it. You would not break away from a schedule to do things in a professional office building, so do not do it at home.

  3. Keep the Focus on Work
  4. You may be working from home due to an illness or the fact you have a small child at home, but focus on the work as much as possible. This is a==harder, therefore the need for the schedule, but it is a perk you can enjoy by working at home. Focus when the job needs it and you are able.

  5. Have an Office if Possible
  6. If you have an office, you can shut yourself in and work. You will not have to worry about the baby eating your papers or clearing the table for dinner. Having an office will help you keep the atmosphere more professional.

  7. Stop the Work When it is Family Time
  8. Working when it is family time is just as bad as playing when it is work time. There has to be a schedule and an ability to now when to put on the writer hat and when to put on the mom or the dad hat.

  9. Keep Track of expenses and Purchases
  10. You will want to claim expenses such as paper, computers, printers, or Ipad as a business cost on your tax refund. Track all of your expenses and worked hours just as you track all of thee earnings that you bring in by being a at home freelance worker.

If you decide to work from home, keep these very important five rules in mind. Following these rules will make the job easier and help you to be more productive.

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