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4 Steps to Becoming a Part-Time Freelance Travel Writer

Freelance travel writing is a job that many people dream about. This is a chance to live a colorful and interesting life, and get paid for it. However, it has some tough sides too. For example, because of travelling you may not see your family and friends for a long time. Nevertheless, if you’re a real traveler such things won’t scare you. If you want to learn what you should do to become a freelance travel writer, besides improving your writing skills, read this article.

  1. Travel a lot.
  2. To be a travel writer you should have plenty of experience in travelling. You may travel as a tourist if you have such an opportunity. Also, you may take advantage of different volunteering programs. In this way you won’t just travel, but also provide some help to those who need it. There’s a chance you’ll meet a lot of interesting people and will get a good background for your first articles.

  3. Create a website.
  4. You should create a professional website to post reports from your traveling, interesting notes, tips for tourists, and photos. Make sure to have accounts on the most popular social networks. Share posts from your site on your accounts in order to make more people see your work. In this way you’ll be able to attract the attention of potential clients. If they like your articles, they will contact you and offer you well-paid jobs.

  5. Contact potential clients.
  6. You should also take initiative. Make a list of travel magazines and travel websites with which you’d like to work. Contact editors and show them your articles. You may do it by demonstrating your portfolio or giving links to your site. If your articles are of good quality, there’s a chance that some publications will want to cooperate with you. You’ll be able to sell your future articles so that they’ll be published by some famous travel magazines.

  7. Find your niche.
  8. Sometimes it’s not enough just to write about your travelling. To increase your popularity as a freelance writer and get more money for your works, you may write about specific things. For example, some writers travel around the world and visit restaurants. In this way they write good articles for a particular audience and advertise restaurants that they visit. As a result, they get paid both for writing and advertising. You may think about your own niche that will be unique, but interesting to read about.

Follow these steps to start a successful career as a freelance travel writer.

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