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What Do Freelance Script Writers Usually Do: A Quick Guide To The Job

Freelance script writing has taken on a new level of popularity, so much that we are starting to get a lot of questions about what someone in this field actually does. You may be surprised that it’s quite different from the image you may have of a writer sitting cramped away in a small room, urgently trying to beat a deadline. We asked some experienced freelance writers and created this quick guide to the job:

Work on Conceptualized Scripts

One of the primary job functions of a freelance script writer is working on conceptualized scripts created by a studio for either the television or a movie. The script writer must tell the story in a direct and clear way while still working on trying to develop the characters to garner interest. Largely, studios hire freelancers because they have hundreds of conceptualized ideas that need to be created into a format producers can review in a simple way.

Sell Original Scripts to the Studio

Freelancers will also work on and try to sell original scripts to a studio. More often than not this is done in order to secure future work. Whether or not the script is taken is of little to no consequence. The idea behind this is that a script writers name stays on the radar for whenever a studio has conceptualized scripts that need some polishing by a qualified writer.

Improve on Someone Else’s Script

Another major component of being a freelance writer is working on improving someone else’s script. This happens more often than you think and has been essential in the production of many television and movie scripts with which you are probably already quite familiar. The cause for this is pretty simple, an original screenwriter sometimes doesn’t have the time to revise, edit and proofread his work and must rely upon a talented freelancer to take on the job.

Constantly Working Towards Improving

Even when a freelancer isn’t working on somebody else’s script or working on his own, the freelancer is usually working on constantly improving his craft. This means reading successful works that have been picked up by studies or going through several exercises designed to help hone this very specific skill. Additionally, a freelancer may feel the need to spend this “free time” to practice writing better proposals or query letters so that his bids get noticed more frequently.

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