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5 Tricks To Use In Search Of Freelance Book Writing Jobs

Freelancing is so popular these days as it offers the opportunity to work on your own terms and time schedule, from anywhere in the world- without even having to leave your house. However, its popularity can also be its downside. It can be difficult to stand out when so many others out there are also doing it.

If you’re a freelancer just starting out, and you want to know how to get decent to well-paying book writing jobs, you have come to the right place. While breaking into the freelance market and getting your first jobs can be tough, there are some tricks and shortcuts you can use that will get you good jobs sooner and start you on your way to a great writing career.

Five great tricks to getting book writing jobs

  1. Sign up on as many websites as you can- seriously, there are a lot out there. Google the best websites and make a profile on every single one of them. List the most pertinent information about yourself on your profile, but keep it concise. Additionally, don’t make your profile description technical and boring (unless you are a technical writer). Draw people in with interesting opening sentences about yourself.
  2. Don’t be easily discouraged – If you are applying for a lot of jobs and not getting selected, don’t give up that easily. The only thing to do is keep applying. By the sheer odds of how many proposals you send out, you will definitely get a job sooner or later. And that first job is really all you need to get the ball rolling.
  3. Don’t set your expectations too high – You may assume that taking a writing job is only worth your time if it pays very well. While this is true for experienced freelancers, if you are just starting out you can expect people to trust you with high-paying projects. You need to build a good reputation before you can charge a lot for your services. Be willing to start small.
  4. Write personalized proposals – Clients who have been on these sites for a while can always tell when a proposal has been copied and pasted from one template you always use. When you find a job offer you like, put as much detail into the proposal as possible. Show the client you have taken the time to read through it and that you actually want their job and are well-suited for it.
  5. Make a win-win deal – If you’re experiencing a lot of difficulties finding someone willing to take you on for your first job, offer to work for less in exchange for a positive review. Obviously you still have to submit top-notch work if you want a 5-star rating, but this is a way to get a job that you may not have gotten otherwise. Once you have your first good rating, you will find more and more clients will want to work with you.

Well, there you have it - five great tricks for landing freelance book-writing jobs. Trust me on this, if you follow through on these, you’ll soon find the job offers pouring in and you will have the happy choice of picking and choosing exactly which ones you want.

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