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What Is the Secret to Making Good Money as a Freelance Writer?

There is no single secret to making good money as a freelance writer, but rather several little things you could be doing to rake in the dough. Sure, you have to be determined, persistent, and have great writing skills, but there are several other characteristics that people need but hardly consider. Here are five secrets to a successful career as a freelance writer:

Building a Strong Profile

A profile means everything to a freelance writer. So it’s extremely important you build a great one right from the start. Research others’ profiles before drafting your own. Consider how you want to stand out as well as the image you want to portray. Are you a technical writer or a creative writer? Do you want to be funny or serious? Take time to sell yourself exactly as you want to be seen.

Getting Your Name Out There

After your profile, it’s vital that you get your brand out to as many potential clients as possible. Find ways to include your link in all of your correspondence. Let your friends and family know about your services and how you can be reached. You’d be surprised how building a strong network of contacts will lead to hundreds of assignments.

Providing Quality Work

Your reputation will mostly come down to the quality of work you provide. Don’t take any assignment lightly and be sure you put in your best efforts. If you are in the habit of creating an outline before long works, then take up the same habit for smaller pieces. Study and practice your craft so that you continuously improve your writing throughout your career.

Excellent Communication

Keep in constant contact with your clients. This means providing project updates, responding to questions, and sometimes even just reminding them that you are there. No client wants to be left in the dark. Communicating clearly and efficiently demonstrates your professionalism, which then leads to more opportunities, higher ratings and recommendations from satisfied customers.

Negotiating With Clients

It’s obvious that you want to make as much money as possible entering this field. While it may be a little tough at first, you can certainly make great money as a freelance writer in the long run. Learning how to negotiate with clients is a must. Giving and taking a little is expected with every project and the more practice you have the more you can set terms to your advantage. Experience is everything.

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