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A Few Words about a Freelance SEO Copywriter's Job and What It Takes to Be a Good One

If you want to be successful in the world of freelance writing you are going to need to get a pretty good handle on what it means to produce SEO copy which really works. The anagram SEO stands for search engine optimization. It's all related to search engines and Google in particular and where a website is listed in those search engines.

A person in business, although they have to be in business, will want their website to be as close to the first page and to the top of the first page as possible. But say you're selling lifejackets. A person wanting to buy a life jacket will put that word or words into a search engine. If your business is on page 8 of the search engine pages then the chances of you making a sale are much less than a business which appears on page 1. So that's where search engine optimization is so important.

If we think of Google as the main search engine we need to understand that Google is a machine but it's a clever machine. Some people think that if they put the words life jacket 50 times in the text on their website that Google will see so many repetitions of what we could call the SEO words and therefore give that website a really high ranking. That doesn't work.

Cramming keywords into the text on your website almost certainly will backfire. So if you think that as a copywriter you will curry favour with the client by cramming the keyword or keywords many times in the text you write for them, you are sadly mistaken.

There are many things which make SEO work

Of course the key words in the text are important but there are a number of other tools which search engines use to decide the ranking of a website. It's important as a copywriter that you understand this fact.

For instance if a website has a blog or a link to Twitter or Facebook; those things can attract attention from a search engine. If there are links to other relevant websites as part of the website you are writing for, that too can impress the machinations of a search engine. SEO is not just about keywords.

If you want to be a successful freelance SEO copywriter then you would do well to read the many articles which SEO experts have written and such articles are freely available online.

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