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Magazines Looking For Freelance Writers: How to Get the Best Position

If you are thinking about writing freelance articles for magazines, make sure to check online, or just pick up a copy of your favorite mag and read through the types of articles you would like to write about.


One of the best ways to find a position doing this type of work would be to submit your materials, and by materials, we mean that you have to have a substantial amount of writing. You also have to make sure that you target a specific genre or group, as this will help to substantiate your abilities and skillsets in the articles that you produced, and how the content flows. For example, if you wanted to write for:

It’s often said that you should choose topics that are familiar to you to ensure that the content flows easily and you’re writing about what you know. By targeting the content of different publications, and gearing your work specifically around that, it will help to ensure that not only will you find a great freelance writing position, but you may be writing for one of the top magazines in no time!

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