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Freelance Academic Writers Wanted: How to Get the Job of Your Dream

Starting a career as a freelance writer

If you’re just starting out as freelance writer, then you want your career to take the right path. Whilst it may be ideal to land your dream job, as a freelancer, you may have to rely on several different clients. As a result, you might not necessarily have full-time work guaranteed; however, if you’re good at what you do, then there is potentially no end of work that you can pick up.

In order to help you win your first job, it is a good idea to try and assemble some sort of portfolio. As an academic writer, this means that you can include any essays that you may have done whilst at university, college of school.

A good idea is to find a niche to specialise in, such as the subject that you may have studied in higher education. However, you don’t necessarily need to limit yourself just to these styles of articles; if you’re good enough, then you can write on just about any subject.

Finding work as a freelance academic writer on content websites

One of the best places to look for work as an academic writing is on the wide range of freelance websites. Whilst some content websites have a reputation for low pay, as an academic writer, this won’t necessarily affect you so much. This is because academic writers normally get paid a fair wage for what they do, as a result of the technicalities of the work. Having said that, always do your research before applying for a job just to be sure that it is worth your while.

Approaching professional writing teams for jobs

Another possible solution is to try and contact professional writing agencies to see if they will hire you. The services are very popular these days, so there’s a good chance that you can land work with one of these agents, as long as you’re good enough.

Creating your own writing business

One option that you can consider is to create your own academic writing business. If you can become successful then you can make a good career out of it; however, it is a very competitive marketplace, so this is only an option that you may wish to consider if you have enough funds to support yourself whilst setting up the business. It also is worth being aware that things may fail, so this is only an option to consider it can truly commit to it.

Sites for writers

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