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Composing a Freelance Content Writer’s Resume: 5 Tips to Consider

As a wrier, your body of work determines just how hirable you really are. So building a good resume is important, as it is the first step to presenting your work to a prospective client. In your resume, you will want to do five things. You need to keep in no longer than one page, you need to list your best-published pieces, you want o show variety, you want to articulate and clear, and you want to provide links to your work.

  1. No Longer Than One Page
  2. Most employers and clients will not read more than one page. People are just too busy and it has been shown that an effective paper can be written in one page length. While you may be tempted to include every single positive trait about yourself, do yourself a favor and keep the paper short.

  3. List Your Best Published Work
  4. For some people, this is your foot in the door to show off samples of your work. List your absolute best and highest quality work first. If you have work from a premium client, make sure that the best is listed first.

  5. Show Variety in Your Jobs
  6. The more variety of work you list, the more desirable you become. If your repertoire is vast and varied, you will pull in more work. Consequently, you want to show variety in your listing.

  7. Be Articulate and Clear
  8. Your resume is not the place to show how large your vocabulary is or how complex your sentences can be. Instead you need to use clear, simple, and professional language. You never want to make your sheet difficult to read or poorly written.

  9. Provide Links and References to Your Work
  10. In addition to including listings and types of work, whenever possible include links and references. You want the employer to be able to look up your writing when he or she has the leisure to do so.

Your resume represents you. It speaks for you and gives interested clients a guide to what you have done and what you can do in the future. It needs to be professional, no longer than one page, list your best-published work samples, show great and vast work variety, be easy to read with simple language, and it should provide links and references to your work.

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