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How to Become a Top-Class Ghost Writer: Step-by-Step Guide

Working as a ghost writer means that you write under the name of another author. Working professionally as a ghost writing means you will write under the name of many other authors. This can be challenging field for many reasons, but also beneficial because of plentiful freelance work. Continue reading to find out just how to become a top-class ghost writer—we have put together a step-by-step guide for your convenience!

  1. Practice Versatility
  2. Being a versatile writer is crucial to working as a quality ghost writers. Ghost writers are expected to acclimate their own writing to the tone, ideas, and other important characteristics of the author being ghosted. The more able you are to write about a variety of industries in a multitude of styles—the better suited you will be for a greater amount of available jobs. Some ways you can develop versatility is educating yourself on subjects you may not know much about, and by also practicing your craft. Write whenever you get the chance!

  3. Network
  4. Working in as a ghost writer is most often freelance work. One of the most crucial steps to success as a freelancer is networking. Networking is how you will meet, earn, gain, and keep clients.

  5. Advertise Services
  6. Creating your own brand will help client’s feel like they are working with a professional. One way you can brand yourself is by creating business cards, establishing a website, and making your personal information available. A site where people can refer to your services and work will make them more inclined to hire.

  7. Establish Credibility
  8. Working in this field, you work for yourself. For this reason, establishing credibility it crucial. We reviewed one way to do it, by advertising services, but another is to by insuring the establishment of your credibility. You can do so by making your credentials, education, and other training and/or certifications publically known.

  9. Receive Feedback
  10. Finally, the only way to improve your work is to receive feedback. With feedback you can become better at what you do! Make sure to always ask for it, and consider it when offered.

With commitment to these steps you will be working professionally as a top-class ghost writer easily. If you dedicate yourself to establishing a good network of clients and strong recommendations—the rest will fall in line. With this career you can enjoy the flexibility of building your own work schedule, selecting your own clients, and working from whether you may be! The freelance life takes good self-management, but it could be just right for you.

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