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Top 15 Tips and Tools For Freelance Writers

Freelance writers can make their living flawlessly if they write an impeccable piece of writing. Following are some of the striking tips and tools that they might get benefitted with.

  1. Keep a track of client’s information so that you can follow up with your present, past and future clients by keying in the information in MS Excel or MS Office.
  2. A Word Processor tool assists you with fast and efficient writing projects.
  3. Freelancer writers should pick the writing style that they are expert in. Follow your passion and earn money to make your living.
  4. Writing small description about your ideal clients consecrates you with tremendous opportunity of earning money. This way many other clients follow you because they will have more faith and confidence in you.
  5. Freelance writers should follow their passion and after they have written contents for their clients, they can start writing their own books or articles. They should take out some extra time and inculcate the values and features that enhance their writing style.
  6. Batching is the organizing of your tasks. Do things like creating an editorial calendar if you love blogging. It will keep a track of all the articles written in a week or during the month.
  7. Setting a timer will make you finish your job within predefined time. Use ‘Repeat Timer Pro’ on phone and ‘Tomatoes’ on Mac and it will prevent procrastination so that you do not dither.
  8. Freelance writers should follow discipline and work based on their requirements and not on mood swings.
  9. Being in Organized form will give you enough time to be innovative with your writing. Employ tools like “ Evernote Day One” and “ Bullet Journal”.
  10. Do not be seduced by the comfort zone. It’s because if you are not progressing, you are falling behind.
  11. Text expander saves your keystrokes. Try minimizing them. For Mac , employ “ TextExpander and get facilitated with the tool “ Breevy” if you are using Windows.
  12. Relax for a good mental as well as physical state. Too much work piles up stress.
  13. Use Social Media.
  14. Add your writing service. Attach some writing samples or include a few testimonials to get the credit and recognition that you deserve. If you do not have it, create a one.
  15. A writing agreement not only saves ample of your time and energy but saves you from exploitation too. However, if you have not signed the one, they might ask endless revision requests and create unpleasant payment disputes.

Follow these tips religiously and bring a mind-blowing change in your future. Enjoy writing at all points of time.

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