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Freelance Writing Opportunities: 6 Tips To Help You Succeed

If you are thinking of embarking on a freelance writing career then you may be wondering if there are any tips to help you succeed. The following provides six different pieces of advice to help you maximise your chances of winning work and having a profitable career.

  1. Create a portfolio of your work
  2. A portfolio enables potential clients to see what you can do for them as a writer. As a result, it is very important for any freelance writer that wishes to be successful.

    If you have created any articles, academic essays or other pieces of written work then do be sure to include them in a portfolio. Whilst you may not necessarily have a huge amount to put together at the start of your career, it is best to try and have at least one or two samples of written work that you can show potential clients. As you progress, you’ll be able to develop a more complete portfolio.

  3. Start a blog or website
  4. In much the same way that a portfolio enables you to demonstrate your capabilities as a writer, by starting a blog or website you can also show off your talents. In fact, whilst a portfolio is good when applying directly for a job, a blog or website can work in the background to help you get noticed by potential clients you may not otherwise have been in contact with.

  5. Fully complete your profile page on freelance websites
  6. If using a freelance websites then be sure to fully complete any profile page so as to be as appealing to potential clients as possible - just be sure to proofread and edit it so as to avoid any spelling or grammatical mistakes that could severely harm your chances of getting work.

  7. Tailor job proposals for each job
  8. When writing job proposals be sure to tailor them to fit each job, as clients can often be put off by generic proposals.

  9. Address the needs of each client
  10. As well as tailoring the proposal for the job that you are applying for, be sure to actually address the needs of the client, as opposed to simply listing off any achievements that you have made.

  • Pick a niche but don’t be afraid to work outside of your comfort zone
  • Finally, it can be a good idea to pick a niche to specialise in, but do not be afraid to bid on jobs that you may not necessarily normally apply for. Specialising in a niche can help you to win specific jobs, but sometimes it can limit the number of opportunities available, so being willing to do work outside of your comfort zone to increase your chances of getting work.

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