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The Secret To Finding Good Freelance Medical Writing Jobs Online

Freelance writing can be difficult in this world since assessing the quality can become difficult given that freelancers at time outsource their work to others, don’t have a proper qualification on the subject they write, no timely submission, etc. Writing on medical topics requires at least a graduate on that subject so that the article is not misguiding. The importance of medical writing becomes even more important since, it can influence a health of a person.

Finding freelance jobs online is a task which requires patience and at the same time the freelancer must have made some presence either in the real world by publishing a paper or have a blog, website or any kind of online presence where some of his finest work is for review.

There are few secrets for finding good writers in the medical domain online:

  1. Ratings: If the writer is good and has been in the business for a while then he would be posting his ratings across various portals. The ratings are given by freelancer’s forum.
  2. Forum- A good freelancer won’t be all the forum’s made for freelance writing. He would be in selected few good paying ones. A good writer seldom is in all the forums. If He is then he might not be active on other forums for a long time.
  3. Personal credentials- If the writer is a medical researcher or a practitioner then he must be having some kind of affiliation to a university or a college. If the freelance has made that available then his work can be considered authentic.
  4. Reviews- Previous employers of the writer are the best way to get to know about his work style and pattern. The review given by the employer can make one understand the quality of his work, the timeline he follows and whether one can rely on him for emergency work or not.
  5. Sample- A perfect way to assess the quality oneself. Sampling can be done in two ways. Either on spot i.e. while having a chat online the freelancer writes down an article on the topic given or Deadline submissions i.e. giving a set of topics on a related subject and expecting quality work to be submitted within timeframe given. Sampling are not water tight and have errors hence, it needs to be rechecked by some of the freelancer’s previous work. Plagiarism and outsourcing has been the evil in the freelance world.

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