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Boost Your Career: Becoming a Professional Freelance Science Writer

Where once it was considered ‘uncool’ to be interested in science, everyone wants to have or feign an interest in scientific topics these days. Even the fashion world has become inundated with ‘geek chic’ styles that reflect this. Funny enough, there still aren’t that many people who actually understand science enough to write about it convincingly. If you have the writing chops to make it as a freelancer and the scientific know how to tackle the trending topics, here’s how you can cut yourself a niche in the industry:

Get your name out there

If you’re already signed up to a freelance agency, you’re halfway there. You can freelance writing scientific content without doing this but it does simplify matters considerable. Another method you could consider is to start a blog and guest blog for more prominent bloggers. Putting out videos on popular video sites can either help or hinder you depending on the quality of videos you can create on your budget.

Find out what’s popular to non-scientists

If you’re writing for your blog or just your portfolio, you should look into topics that lay people can enjoy reading. Statistics will show that more people do non STEM subjects so if you don’t translate your work for the masses, you’ll end up alienating the majority of your potential readership. This may seem unfair to you. After all, few people would recommend that fashion writers avoid industry specific jargon so that non-fashionistas can feel involved. That’s life. You can stay a purist and write for scientific journals for free or you can freelance for the masses and make money. Your choice.

Look for mildly controversial topics

There are some things going on in science that can be downright frightening when you think about it. There are robots that can outrun cheetahs or leap two story buildings. Super viruses are erupting that no cures exist for. Meat is being grown in laboratories. If something has the potential to be controversial but isn’t popular yet, chances are it hasn’t been made public knowledge yet or it’s still too technical for most people to absorb. That’s a great opportunity for someone who’s good at translating concepts into simple language. A good article of this type can be sold to many different online publications.

Science is quite fascinating and whatever the reason more people are drawn to it now, you can take advantage of the popularity surge for your own purposes.

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